Are guys with beards sexy? Of course they are ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Someone wrote to ask me the following:

“How come you never post photos of guys with beards? Do beards repel you? Do you find them unattractive?”

Heck, no. I find some bearded guys very sexy. When my boyfriend has several days off, he’ll let his beard grow out some, and I like the way it looks, a lot.

Okay, a beard sort of takes away any “twinkiness” in a young man, but that’s okay. I find certain twinks adorable, but I’m not addicted to them. Hey, I’m an eclectic guy. As long as a guy is fit and he practices good hygiene, I don’t care if he has facial hair or not. How’s that for an explanation? And, be honest: have a look at the guy in the photo below. Tell me you’d turn down a night with him. Go ahead, tell me ….

I never got my bike ride in today. The wind started blowing out of the northwest about 12 MPH, which would have made my ride rather miserable. So, I stayed home and cleaned my place from top to bottom. It needed it.

My handsome boyfriend’s coming for a visit next week, to help me celebrate Thanksgiving, and I want things to be just right while he’s here. The poor boy’s been working his butt off on his new job. I want him to relax and enjoy himself for the four days he’s here.

Now, the house looks and smells great. The bed sheets are clean, and the floors are mopped. I ought to receive the Martha Stewart award for my efforts. In a few minutes, I’ll make myself a drink. Then I’ll stroll to the shore to watch sunset with my neighbors. It’s a beautiful evening, here on the island. I hope it’s nice where you are, too.

Have a great Saturday night, friends.

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