Guys in blue Speedos. A gray day turns sunny ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you’ll look at the top of the sidebar to the right, you’ll see the “Blue Speedo Boy.” His photo is the most popular I’ve ever posted on this site. I’m not sure what it is about blue Speedos, but they sure do flatter a young man’s physique, don’t they?

I’m posting two other photos of guys in blue Speedos for your viewing pleasure this evening. And there’s a reason I’m doing so.

If you read my morning post, you know the weather was damp and gray this morning, on my little island. But around noon, that all changed. The sun came out and the dampness went away. Things were perfect for a stroll on the beach, so I spent an hour walking the shoreline, and checking out the sights.

It’s been a lazy day for me, really. I worked on a little painting project in my rental unit, and I made a run to the booze market to replenish my supplies. That was about it, other than reading the paper and taking my beach walk.

That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing on a beautiful day, now is there? In a few minutes, I’ll visit the shore once again, to watch sunset with my neighbors. It’s a daily ritual around here. I always enjoy watching the sun sink into the Gulf while I chat with my friends.

Update: 2/18/2016: I was contacted by the young man appearing in the upper photo. He asked me to post a link to his flickr account, so if you’d like to see more of him, here is the link:

Have a nice Sunday night, everyone.

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