Nice little video clip. What’s this guy’s name anyway?














Hi, friends and readers:

The guy in tonight’s video post certainly is cute. But what’s his name? Is he a member of that boy band called One Direction? Since I don’t listen to boy band music, I have no idea. Are they Brits? The U.K. produces some mighty handsome guys, and I love their Brit accents.

I’m home from the YMCA and a trip to Home Depot to buy a barbeque grille for the apartment next door. I had to remove the grille’s lid and interior racks, to get it inside my Element. Then I had to re-assemble the damned thing when I got it home. But the job’s done, and now my seasonal guests can grill when the weather’s nice this winter.

Here’s another cute twink, just above. Where do these guys come from? How come none live in my neighborhood? Life’s so unfair ….

It’s beautiful here tonight. In fact, the weatherman says it’ll be sunny, cool, and dry all week, which is good because my boyfriend’s coming home for a four-day stay. I can’t wait to spend time with him on the island, where everything’s relaxed and we can sleep late each morning. Living in separate cities is a bitch, but we’ll just have to get through it.

I’m dining on lefties tonight; I’m feeling lazy, after my busy day. I hope you’re having a nice Monday night, friends, wherever you are.

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