Three shirtless brothers. Which would you choose?

Hi, friends and readers:


When my old blog was murdered by WordPress, I lost the photo I have posted here tonight. I don’t recall which entry the photo accompanied, but that doesn’t really matter, does it? Look at their dark eyes, blond hair, and smooth skin. Aye-yi-yi.

The Three Sexy Brothers are back, at last.

If you wanted a date with one of the three, which would you choose? Okay, the boy in the middle’s a bit young, but his brothers aren’t.

I’d take the guy on the left. Could you blame me?

I’m home after a busy afternoon: YMCA, driving range, supermarket. It’s nice here tonight, but the temperature is dropping, and I doubt I’ll walk barefoot on the beach tomorrow morning. This time of year, the weather can change quickly.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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