A pair of skinny skateboarders. A great day spent outdoors for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you think I’d forgotten you when you  visited the site this morning and I had not posted? Nonsense.

A friend called me last night and asked me to take a canoe excursion on a river south of here. I left the house before nine AM, and did not return until about three PM. The trip was a great success: beautiful river, beautiful weather. We passed a ten-foot alligator sunning himself on a river bank, and many painted turtles. What a great way to spend a fall day.

On to other matters. Do you like the guys in today’s photo posts?

A few years ago, my story, Carter DuBose, was included in a short fiction anthology titled Skater Boys, published by Cleis Press. The quality of the stories in Skater Boys was quite good, as the editor was Neal Plakcy, who’s one of the best, in my opinion. I was  delighted with the book until I saw the final cover. The guy on the cover looked like a gym rat, a total beefcake with a stylish haircut and clothing. You can see the cover here:

Now, I have known many a skater in my day, and I can tell you most are skinny, and they don’t care about their clothes or haircuts. Skating is about nonconformity and lack of style. The guys whose photos I’ve posted here today typify real-world skaters, in my opinion.

If you have followed this site for long, then you know it’s been a forum for gay skateboarders to sound off, way back to the time I wrote Carter DuBose while living in Berlin, in 2009. I’ve heard from gay skateboarders who live all over the U. S., and from other countries as well. I wouldn’t say there’s a huge percentage of skaters who are gay, but there are plenty out there. Some are out as gay at the skatepark, some not. I wouldn’t call the skating subculture the most gay-friendly group. You can read Carter DuBose at no cost from my “free fiction” offerings in the sidebar at right. It’ll give you a feel for skater society.

I took my daily walk on the beach when I returned from my canoe outing. The shore was beautiful today: warm, sunny, and still. Of course, the Gulf’s too cold for swimming, unless you’re form Canada, but people were enjoying the beauty of the day. Our weather the past few weeks has been stellar. I hope it keeps up.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.

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