Guys enjoying nature. Martin’s back from the road ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s rare I post a photo of myself, but my day spent on the road reminded me of how much more I prefer spending a day enjoying the natural beauty of Florida.

The top photo shows me (on the left) and my good friend, Jens, who dwells in Berlin. The photo was taken in a creek near my fishing camp, at a location quite deep in a forest, where the nearest people were five miles away. Jens spent a year with me, about twelve years ago, as a high school exchange student. We remain the closest of friends, even though we live five thousand miles apart. I sent him a Christmas card on Monday; I do every year.

The second photo I’ve posted deserves comment. When most people think of Florida, they think of Disney World, Miami, or sandy beaches.

But some of our most beautiful places are rivers. Canoeing in Florida is one of life’s better ways to spend a day. A canoe trip is quiet and peaceful, and you’ll typically see everything from alligators and turtles, to racoons and deer. If you ever visit Florida, give it a try. Canoeing kicks the crap out of theme parks, and it costs virtually nothing. You can bring a cooler full of beer, too.

Okay, today I spent three hours battling traffic in Tampa and on I-4, one of Florida’s craziest stretches of road. I especially love getting boxed in by those tractor-trailer combos, the ones the size of freight cars. It’s like driving in a canyon. Aye-yi-yi. But I shared a nice lunch with my loved one, and I made it home alive. Ha-cha-cha ….

It’s quiet here on the island tonight, and a little cooler. I’m listening to a little C, S & Y on the stereo, and soon I’ll make dinner for myself. Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a nice Thursday night, friends.

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