Hot guys in ball caps; Martin’s a road warrior today ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys look great in ball caps, whether turned backward or forward; it doesn’t matter. The photos I’ve posted here today are two of my favorite “ball cap” pictures. Do you like them as much as I do?

I woke early this morning. I planned to take my usual three-mile walk on the shore, but when I got down there a cold wind was blowing about 12 MPH, right out of the north. I’ll walk in most nay conditions, except cold, blustery wind blowing in my face. So, I returned home and brewed a pot of coffee. I made breakfast and worked on my new novel for an hour. It’s all okay. Maybe I’ll walk later today, if the wind dies down and the day warms up.

In about an hour, I’ll climb into my Element and drive 75 miles inland, to visit a loved one who lives in an ALF. It’s a dreadful trip; the traffic between here and there is uniformly insane at every point in the journey. People drive like maniacs, and the congestion is terrible in places.

I should be nominated for sainthood, I think ….

I received a nice comment from a reader named Barry, who follows this website. He said:

“Like the website? What an understatement. Reading about your walks on the beach in the mornings, the gurgling fountain on your patio, even the adventures in golfing, it’s all somehow relaxing. – I don’t know specifically what it does to me, I just get into this mood, do I dare say a happy mood? I don’t know, but it sure is nice – Also, your free fiction books are great, never have I wanted more to visit the bathroom in Sebastian’s inlet. What a great blog Martin!

“From one of your young followers! ;D

“Barry :P

“Oh and don’t worry Martin, I’m sure you’re awesome at golf!”

Awww, thanks, Barry. You’re a sweetie. I’m glad you find this website entertaining. And yeah if you ever visit Florida’s East Coast, you’ll have to visit the park at Sebastian Inlet. If you do, tell me if I described it accurately, will you? Sadly, I suck at golf, but I’m improving. I’ll get there. Wait and see.”

Okay, everyone, have a nice Thursday. I hope the sun is shining, wherever you are.

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