Sexy little video: lover boys getting passionate ….

Hi, friends and readers:

How’s your Saturday going so far? Are you having as much fun as the two guys in tonight’s video post? I’d say that’s doubtful, but maybe it’s possible. What’s the guy on the bottom saying to his boyfriend? I’m not a lip-reader, but I’d guess he’s saying “Oh, yeah: like that.” Or something similar.

Okay, here’s a photo to honor the holiday season. I like the way the young man’s beanie matches his necklace, but I’m not sure about the “anchor” theme. Is there a hidden meaning there?

I went to the driving range, early this afternoon, to hit a bucket of balls. I had one of the worst driving sessions I’ve experienced in months, truly terrible. And the worst thing was, I couldn’t figure out why. Then I compounded my misery by playing a round of golf by myself.

Okay, the weather was perfect: sunny and cool, with a light breeze. But most every shot was bad. I topped the ball, dug divots, and lost balls in water. I couldn’t escape a sand trap to save my life. It was awful. I guess I need to chalk up today as “experience.”

See the guy at left? Maybe if he’d caddied for me in those  briefs, I would have played better. What do you think?


Oh, well, the good news is I’m invited to a seafood dinner at a friend’s house tonight. We’ll dine on Maine lobster, steamed mussels, my leftover paella from last night, and salad. The wine will flow, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself. We’ll watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico from my friend’s twelfth floor balcony. What could be better?

Have a nice Saturday night, all.


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