Hot guy in the rain; beautiful sunset on the island tonight ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at tonight’s video post. Is that Logan Lerman? Is he weeping, or is he pleasuring himself? Does anyone know where this clip came from? Regardless, I think it’s pretty hot. I love the lighting in the video. It has a blue cast to it.

I just returned from the beach, where I watched sunset with my neighbors. The sunset was one of the best I have seen this year; the sky looked like it was on fire: every shade of pink, orange, gold, green and red. This island has to be one of the most beautiful places in Florida to live, no joke. I am so lucky.

I’ll spend most of my evening alone tonight, but I’m having my good friend and neighbor over to share a bottle of Malbec before I prepare dinner. I’m driving him to the airport tomorrow morning, so this will be our little Christmas farewell. (Sniffle.)

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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