Christmas 2012: did Santa treat you well?

Hi, friends and readers:

Good morning. It’s Christmas Day 2012. Did Santa treat you well? Did he deliver what you asked for?

Okay, life doesn’t always work that way. We hope and hope, but somehow we never attain what we want: a better job, a nicer home, or the boyfriend we’ve always dreamed of. Sorry, but Christmas is more about dreams than reality. I hope today you’ll at least count your blessings and realize how lucky you are to have what you do: good health, friends, food on the table, and a Martin Delacroix book on your nightstand.

Sometimes, Santa does deliver exactly what one needs. Not on Christmas morning, but somewhere during the year. And on Christmas Day, it’s important to tell yourself, “Damn I’m lucky.”

The photo I’ve posted here this morning pretty much sums it up.

Yeah, the picture’s grainy and the lighting’s poor. But here we see a cute young man who has found what he truly needs: a hunky daddy to hold him on a cold winter night. Who could ask for more?

My Christmas Eve was quite special, actually. Four friends joined me for a round of neighborhood caroling. I played my guitar while one friend held a flashlight aimed at our sheet music, so I could read it. Our neighbors loved it. In the space of an hour, we serenaded ten homes. I think we made Christmas Eve a little more special for a handful of families. To me, that’s what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas, friends, wherever you are.



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