A pair of sexy video clips to keep you warm ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Is it cold where you are tonight? It’s quite chilly in central Florida today; I don’t think the temperature ever rose above 62 degrees F. The sun shone all day, which was nice. But a cold wind’s been blowing out of the northwest most of the day, making cycling this afternoon an impossibility. Oh, well, I found other things to keep me busy.

Do you like the first video clip? I can’t tell if the guy on the bottom is enjoying himself or not, but at least they’re keeping warm with a bit of physical activity. That’s good, right?

Here’s a second clip. Now, that’s one way to warm up a cold hand, isn’t it? Of course, since both guys are shirtless and the guy on the right’s wearing boardshorts, I don’t think it’s cold where they are. Is that a banana in the guy’s boardshorts? There’s something bulging down there ….

In an hour or so, I will drive into the city for a mini-reunion of guys I attended high school with. There should be about fifteen participants. Some I’ve known since grade school; we grew up in the same neighborhood. At this time of year, a lot of what I call “amateur drinkers” are on the road, so I’ll take it easy on the wine, and leave at a reasonable hour, after I say hi to everyone.

Have a great Thursday night, all. Stay warm, one way or another ….

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