Guys fast asleep. Gloomy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you just hate it when he holidays come to a close. No more sleeping in, like the guys in this morning’s photo posts. Instead, it’s time to get up, shower and shave, and then head for work.


I don’t know why I like photos of guys sleeping so much. I guess it’s because young men look so vulnerable and unguarded when they sleep. Anyway these two photos are among my favorites, and I hope they brighten your morning a little today.

It’s a gloomy morning, here on the island, in more ways than one.

Weather-wise, the sky is overcast and the air is damp. Spiritually, today’s a bummer because my lovely boyfriend must return to his job, a three hour drive north of here. I always hate it when he leaves, but that’s life. Work has to come first, even when it means living apart for a time.

I have a busy day ahead of me, as tomorrow I’ll have minor surgery which will keep me inactive for several days afterward. I’ll pretty much stay indoors for about six days, so I must stock the fridge and otherwise get things in order for my convalescence. This isn’t going to be fun, but it’s necessary, so wish me luck.

Have a good Wednesday, friends.

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