Two hotties with their ball caps turned backward; Martin’s looking ghoulish; site visits soaring ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I look ridiculous if I wear a ball cap backward, so I never do. But certain young men carry off the look quite well, especially if they aren’t wearing a shirt. This morning, I offer two fine examples. Which guy do you like best?

I slept well last night, following my surgery, but today’s going to be a rough day for me. If you could see my face right now, you’d understand. Everything is swollen and red. My eyes are nearly swollen shut, and I have patches of scabby skin around my mouth and chin. Disgusting! Oh, well, this is the price one pays to maintain the old body. In a few days, the swelling willl retreat and I’ll be able to face the world again. For now, I’m a recluse.

Again, don’t worry about me. I am fine.

My convalescence will give me a chance to work on several projects. I have to books I need to market to literary agents. I have new scenes to write for my novel-in-progress, and I have two rooms that need painted. I bought the paint on Wednesday, two gallons, so I already have the necessary supplies.

One more thing:

On January second, 7,450 people visited this website, an all time record. Can you believe it? Most visitors come from the United States, but I have visitors from Europe, the U.K., The Middle East, Asia, Mexico, South America, and even South Africa. It’s gratifying so many people enjoy the photos, commentary, and free fiction offered here. And heavy traffic on this site helps sell my books, too. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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