Sexy little video: a guy takes matters into his own hands ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s always nice to share your bed with someone. But let’s face it: the vast majority of young men hit the sack by themselves. Of course, this is always a horny time of the evening for young guys, so it’s only natural most will “take matters into their own hands.” Hell, why not? What’s the harm?

Of course, there are minor difficulties: (“Where did I put that Intensive Care bottle, anyway? In the nightstand drawer? Under the bed? Damn, I think it’s in the bathroom. Now I’ll have to get up ….”) Well, we have all been there. A guy has to “fight for the right to party”, as The Beastie Boys once said.

It’s been a busy day for me. Painting consumed my afternoon entirely. The room I am working on is not the easiest to paint; it’s not a “drywall, one door, and two windows” setup. The walls are tongue-in-groove paneling. There are three doors and three windows, and tons  of trim. Those of you who have painting experience will understand what I mean. Still, the work’s coming along nicely, and the room will look great when I am done.

I’m here by myself tonight, getting ready to bake a fish filet in the oven while I savor a few glasses of Savignon blanc. It’s a pretty night on the island, about 76 degrees F, with no wind and low humidity. What a great January night in west central Florida.

Thanks again to everyone who has written to wish me a speedy recovery from my surgery. Believe me, I am doing fine. Have a great Wednesday night, everyone.

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