Hot guys in boardshorts; another perfect winter day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

One thing I look forward to each year is Spring Break season: late February to early April, about six weeks total. Because I live in a beach community, for those six weeks I have the pleasure of viewing thousands of young men wearing little but boardshorts and flip-flops. It’s a visual smorgasbord of lean bodies and bushy hair. What could be better?

Okay, Spring Break’s still a ways off, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite “hot guys in boardshorts” photos with you today. Do you like the first two I’m posting here this morning? Which guy do you like better?

I had a great time with my friends last night. We shared a lot of laughs over drinks. Then we dined at an Italian place, just down the road from my house. My lasagna was excellent. I even brought home leftovers.

I’ve finished my writing for the day. After lunch, I’ll work on my German friend’s physics paper. Let me tell you, the edits are slow going because the material’s pretty dry, and many terms I do not understand well.

See the photo at left? I’m almost certain it was taken on Florida’s Gulf coast, either in my area or the Panhandle. Gulf coast sand is white as table sugar. We have dunes carpeted with sea oats, just like in this photo.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet this guy during this year’s Spring Break?

Outside, it’s another perfect winter day: sunny, about 76 degrees F, with a light breeze. I’m taking a golf lesson this afternoon, my first in three weeks, and I’m looking forward to it. My instructor’s amazing. Why can’t I be a better student?

Okay, everyone:have a nice Wednesday. I’ll post more boardshorts photos this evening.

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