The boy with the eyebrows and lips. Who is he?

eyebrows #2Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the young man in this morning’s photo posts. Check out those eyebrows and those lips. Aye-yi-yi. Does anyone know who he is? I’ll occasionally run across one of his photos while cruising the Internet, but I know nothing about him. Can anyone help?

Okay, I rose early this morning, around 7:15, planning on taking my usual three-mile beach walk. But when I stepped outside I told myself, Un-uh. Not only is it cold, like around 50 degrees, but a stiff wind is blowing right out of the north, which would make my walk an exercise in misery.

eyebrowsCall  me a “wuss”, but I don’t like cold wind. It ruins outdoors activities altogether. So, I’m indoors, where it’s nice a toasty, thank you.

I’m destined to be a road warrior today. In a couple of hours, I will drive east to visit a loved one who lives in an ALF; I’ll take her out to lunch. Then I’ll drive two hours north, to Gainesville, where I will spend the weekend with my beautiful boyfriend. That’s a lot of driving, I know, but it’s well worth it.

I always enjoy visiting Gainesville, not just because my boyfriend’s there. I spent four years there, during my youth, attending University of Florida. I know the town well, there are many pretty areas, with lots of shade trees. And, of course, lots of cute college boys. Maybe I’ll run into the boy in today’s photo posts? Who knows?

Have a great Friday, everyone. I’ll post from Gainesville, using my laptop. Wish me luck on the road.

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