Sexy guy wearing a cardboard box, and a cute boy with ripply abs ….

cardboard boxHi, friends and readers:.


Look, sometimes a young man needs money, so he pawns his wardrobe. Then her has to improvise, in order to clothe himself. I think the guy at left has been pretty creative. Okay, the cardboard box isn’t too form-fitting, but I think it’s kind of sexy. And he’s got a lot of chutzpah, wearing it on the street.

It’s been a great day for me and my boyfriend, here in Gainesville. We spent a lazy morning, here at his apartment. We made breakfast, hung out on the sofa, did a crossword puzzle. This afternoon, we played a round of golf at a very nice municipal course on the edge of town, amid a palmettos and pine forest. The course was quiet and interesting. We really enjoyed ourselves. Of course, I didn’t play all that well, but I’m getting better, every time we play.

cute absHere’s another interesting photo. I love the young man’s long eyelashes and ripply abdominal muscles. Does anyone know which athletic team is represented on the young man’s ball cap?

We’re home now, drinking cold beers. My boyfriend’s watching an NFL playoff game, as I put together this post. We’ll watch the AFC championship game, later tonight.

I’ll prepare a nice little dinner, quite simple, and we’ll gorge ourselves on football. No, it’s not my favorite sport to watch. I’d rather spend a few hours watching Tom Daley dive, but football’s okay. I just get really tired of the idiot announcers and dumbass commercials. 

What are you doing with your Sunday night? Is MLK Day a holiday for you, as it is for my boyfriend? Yeah, he has tomorrow off, so I’m staying another night in Gainesville. Have a nice Sunday night, all.

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