A comment from a young gay artist. Beautiful day in central Florida.

a shirt #2Hi, friends and readers:

Two days ago, I heard from a young man named Tom, a guy in his early teens who follows this website. Here’s what Tom had to say:

“Mr. Delacroix, I publish this to inform you of my frequent perusal of your blog. Firstly, I am fourteen, artistic, and my family is not aware of my homosexuality. It is because of this that I request you not share my e-mail address at all, and that this comment remain relatively confidential.

“Now, it is not that my parents or companions are homophobic (They are actually quite liberal). I wish for them not to know of my sexuality because it is not something I have the time to contend with at the moment. My parents are very involved, and my mother is a therapist, which means that any development in my mentality results in a kind of session with her, which I find unbearable.

a shirt #3“Also, I have no time for any turmoil in my personal life, as I attend a very intense school which demands a great deal from my artistic talent and intellectual curiosity. However, do not mistake my gloating: I am not notably intelligent, merely industrious to an extent. I love to draw and read, and find certain elements of your writing to be pleasing. The photographs you post, while occasionally pedestrian, are more often strikingly beautiful, particularly the more professional ones.

“Bye-the-bye, an artist you may like would be the esteemed, homosexual painter Caravaggio, who often rendered rather bluntly sexual boys, always with some religious pretext (of course). Lastly, you may post this comment if you like, merely, as I stressed earlier, please do not reveal much of my identity. I thank you for your time, Mr. Delacroix.”

Okay, readers: I have replied to Tom at length, privately. Needless to say, he’s a precocious young man with a bright future ahead of him. I am sure a throng of gay boys will seek Tom’s attentions, whenever he chooses to seek companionship.

a shirt #4I am posting three photos of a young man who was likely close to Tom’s age when the photos were taken. I don’t know who took the photos, but they are part of a series, all taken at the same time. I have seen others. The young man’s quite handsome, of course. But the lighting and the expressions on the young man’s face make the photos special, in my opinion. I wonder if these photos meet with Tom’s approval?

Tom, tell us ….

It’s been a beautiful day here, in central Florida. My visit to the YMCA was a treat, and so was my visit to the golf course afterward, where I practiced my swing, my pitching, and putting. The weather was so beautiful, about 70 degrees and sunny, I didn’t want to leave.

Now I’m home, ready for a peaceful evening alone. I’m sipping from a bottle of beer, and later I may watch my Netflix rental, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Anyone seen it? Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.


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