Skater pics I like. Quiet night on the island ….

skater pic #4Hi, friends and readers:

This morning, I received a comment from Blake, a gay skateboarder from Frankfurt, KY. He said this:

“You used to post comments from gay skaters all the time. But now you never do. How come?”

Well, Blake, it’s because most comments I receive from gay skaters are similar to ones I’ve posted in the past. Most involve homophobia in the skater subculture, which is still a major problem. Others deal with coming-out-to-skater-friends issues, or problems with skater stereotyping.

I know most skaters don’t have bad body odor, and they perform long division in math class, as well. But I rarely receive a comment addressing a fresh issue or observation. When I do, I’m happy to post it. And, thanks for writing. I am always happy to hear from you guys.

I’ve posted two skater pics tonight; both are favorites of mine and I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do.

skater picI took my golf lesson this afternoon. Then I stayed at the course to hit balls at the driving range. I practiced my pitching for a half-hour, before heading home.

Things are quiet on the island tonight. I saw a beautiful sunset as I crossed the bridge from town. The sun looked like a huge gold ball, sinking into the Gulf.

It’s not even cold tonight, probably around 72 degrees. I have my doors and windows open, and I’m listening to a little classical music while I type this. I have a chicken breast baking in the oven, seasoned with garlic salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary leaves from my herb garden. Dinner shall be good tonight.

Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

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