Hot guys with a beard or stubble. Lousy round of golf for Martin.

beardHi, friends and readers:

Sometimes I find facial hair very attractive on guys, but it depends entirely on the guy. With some, like me, a face full of stubble qualifies me for a “Wanted” poster; I look hideous. But my boyfriend looks great with three days’ growth of beard.

I think the guys in tonight’s photo posts are both extremely hot. Do you agree? I don’t know which guy I like better, but then I don’t have to choose, do I?

My boyfriend’s here for the weekend, and today we played a round of golf at a nice public course in St. Petersburg. The weather was gorgeous, about 73 degrees F, sunny with a light breeze. The course teamed us up with a third player, a really nice man named Brian, who tried his best to say nice things about my crappy play.

stubble guyI played terribly today, and I don’t know why. My tee shots and second shots went everywhere but the place I aimed at. I swear, I wanted to snap a club shaft in two, but I kept my cool and tried to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing. At least my pitching has improved 100%, so all is not lost.

We’re home now. We’ve showered, and in just a few minutes we’ll visit the quarterly street festival on our island. All the restaurants on the island sell food. The beer’s cheap and there’s a live band playing.

Outside, the temperature’s cooling off, but it won’t go below the mid-50s tonight, which we call “sweater weather”, here in central Florida.

It’s so nice having my boyfriend here. We are meant to live together, I think. Things work between us, without much effort. Ahhh, love ….

Have a great Saturday night, friends.

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