Is your boyfriend waiting for you in the bedroom? What are you waiting for?

boyfriend in bed #2Hi, friends and readers:

You know how it is. You’re in the living room, maybe reading or watching TV, and your boyfriend calls to you from the bedroom. You go down the hall and peek into the bedroom, and there he is, looking lovely on the bed, either clothed or not, it doesn’t matter. He gives you that look, and you know what he wants. What shall you do?

Unless you’re crazy, you’ll lock the front door, turn off a few lights, and get your butt in the bedroom for a little romantic gymnastics, if you know what I mean. Boyfriends are not to be taken for granted, not ever. They must be worshiped and adored, every day.

boyfriend in bedIt’s been a thoroughly productive day for me: good writing session, good workout and lap-swimming session, excellent golf lesson, where my coach told me exactly what I’d done wrong during my golf outing last Saturday. (He always knows.)

I made it home in time to watch a gorgeous sunset with my neighbors. Now, I’m home and sipping from an ice-cold beer, ready for a nice, peaceful evening on my little island. Outside, the crickets are chirping, my fountain is tinkling, and there’s an enormous yellow moon rising over the Intracoastal Waterway. How lucky am I? Now, if my boyfriend were only here tonight, Id lie on my bed and call to him.

Have a nice Monday night, all.

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