Guys at the beach; beautiful morning on the island ….

sunset #2Hi, friends and readers:

Since I live in a beach community, I always enjoy photos of guys at the shore, especially those taken when the sun is setting. I find both photos I’ve posted here this morning quite beautiful. I especially like the one on top. It has an almost spiritual quality to it, like something out of a dream. I like the way the photographer captured ripples in the water and reflection of the sunset on the water’s surface. I hope you’ll like these photos as much as I do.

beach boy #11Last night, I watched the remainder of my Netflix rental, titled 50/50. Joseph-Gordon Levitt did a great job in the film’s lead role. It’s heavy stuff, but very well done. I’m glad I rented the film.

For some reason, lately I’ve slept a lot. I went to bed around 10:30 last night, but I didn’t rise this morning until almost ten o’clock. Aye-yi-yi. Question: Who sleeps almost twelve hours? Answer: old man Martin. It’s okay, I feel fine, and I have a non-eventful day ahead of me. The weather outside is nothing short of amazing: sunny, cool, and still.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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