The Boys Scouts reverse policy on gay membership. It’s about damned time ….

boy scoutHi, friends and readers:

Yeah, I’m posting a second time tonight, and this post doesn’t involve skeletons. Instead, it’s about an article in this morning’s newspaper. It seems the Boy Scouts will, at last, reverse their policy prohibiting openly gay boys and men from participating in their scout troops, either as scouts or troop leaders. The situation will be finalized within a week, I understand.

Well, it’s about damned time.

rainbowOkay, the Scouts will still allow sponsoring organizations (like churches) to deny gay boys/men involvement in the individual troops they sponsor. But the over-all ban is history, it’s toast.

Now, the California kid who earned all the merit badges necessary to become an Eagle Scout will not be denied the honor because he was honest enough to admit he was gay. Can you believe that even happened? Do you know how hard it is to achieve the Eagle Scout distinction?

Again: it’s about damned time this change took place.

Look, I know gay boys and men have participated in Scouting since its inception. But if you are taking a pledge to be “honest”, why should you have to lie about who you are? It’s so hypocritical. Plus, I know many gay men who had their first sexual encounters at Scout camp. (No, not with their troop leaders–that’s such a myth–but with their fellow scouts.)

Another barrier falls ….

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