Guys getting hazed: a pair of funny photos ….

hazingHi, friends and readers:

If you were ever in a fraternity, or if you played high school or college sports of any kind, then you probably experienced mild, or even intense “hazing” upon your initiation into the team or fraternity. Most of it is harmless fun, although sometimes it can get out of hand. In any case, I think the two photos I have posted here tonight are pretty funny, each in their own way. In the top photo, the guy on the right is wearing a denim skirt, you just can’t see it in this particular photo. Don’t you love their disposable diapers, pacifiers, and bibs? Hopefully they didn’t have to go out in public like that.

hazing #2Now, the second photo, to the left, I’m pretty sure is connected to hazing of some kind. I doubt two guys would voluntarily wear those t-shirts to class. But they seem to have a good attitude about the whole thing.

Good for them.

I had a fine workout at the YMCA this afternoon, followed by lap-swimming in their indoor pool. Now, I’m home, listening to the wind howl outside. A cold front is approaching central Florida, and tomorrow night the temperature will drop into the low 50s. It’s okay, it’s an excuse to burn my fireplace.

Have a nice Wednesday night, everyone.

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