Doing yoga naked? Okay ….

yogaHi, friends and readers:

I’ve never tried yoga. Have you? I understand it’s great for flexibility, and for keeping your muscles and joints toned. But I didn’t know you could do it naked. Oh, hell … why not? The young man at left certainly looks … supple to me. Notice he has no tan lines. I guess he sunbathes in the nude, as well.

It’s been a productive day for me.

About a week ago, I dropped my prescription sunglasses on my boyfriend’s tiled kitchen floor. Naturally, they hit at just the right angle to crack the frame. I tried using glue to fix the frame, to no avail. So, while my car was serviced, I visited an optical place to buy a new pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers. I’ve always wanted a pair, and the price was good. I picked them up a few hours later, on my way back to the Honda dealer, and they look so cool. The tint in the lenses is a dark gray, very clear and effective. Here’s what they look like:

Maybe breaking my old frames was a good thing, after all?

yoga #2Now, I’m home and my Element has new rear brakes rotors, a new battery, and rotated tires. It’s ready for the road.

I’ll travel to Gainesville Saturday, to spend two nights with my boyfriend, but tonight he’s visiting me for two nights. I know that sounds like a lot of driving, but it’s worth it so we can maximize the time we spend together. That’s love, guys ….

I think we’re dining out tonight, at a Spanish restaurant in the city, with great tapas and tasty Sangria. Won’t that be fun? Have a nice Thursday night, everyone. Stay warm.

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