Cute guys in hoodies; fun Friday night in store for Martin ….

hoodie boyHi, friends and readers:

I like boys in hoodies, and I think the guys in tonight’s video/photos posts are pretty hot. Have a look at the guy at left. Are all the boys at University of Arkansas as cute as him? Yummy.

It’s been a nice day, since my boyfriend’s home and we’ve spent the whole day together. This afternoon, we visited the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. It’s so much more fun when I’m doing it with him. That’s what makes being part of a couple so special. Your boyfriend enhances your daily experiences, it’s true.

Okay, we’re home from the YMCA now, feeling refreshed and ready for an interesting Friday night. Outside, it’s cool, but sunny, and the wind has finally died down. This evening will be beautiful, here in central Florida

hoodie #9Being from Wisconsin, my boyfriend’s a huge hockey fan. He played it for many years.

But I’m from Florida, where we only have ice in our freezers, and I’m not a hockey fan. I don’t “get” hockey; it all looks like chaos to me. The puck gets knocked around a bit. Then there’s a scramble in front of the net, and sometimes a player scores a goal. Hmmm. I fail to see the point.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are playing at home tonight, so here’s our plan. My boyfriend’s going to the game with one of my best friends who also likes hockey, and happens to have two tickets. Meanwhile, I’ll take a good friend in Tampa out to dinner, and we’ll catch up on things.

I’ve known my Tampa friend since he was in high school. He’s about thirty years old now, and a total sweetie. We always have fun when we’re together. So, everyone will be happy this evening.

How about you? What’s in store for your Friday night? Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself as much as I will.

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