A pair of sexy athletes; quiet Tuesday on the island ….

triathlete #4Hi, friends and readers:

Have you ever attended a triathlon or a track meet? If not, you really should; the sights are beyond amazing.

As a young man, when I attended law school, I’d visit the university’s track most every evening, to run laps. All these hot guys would glide around the oval, many of them wearing only track shorts and shoes. Glow from the field lights would reflect in the sweat on their chests and backs, and …..

Okay, I’ll stop reminiscing. That was a long time ago. But I knew you’d enjoy the photos I have posted here this morning.

It’s another beautiful, sunny winter day, here on the island. Because it’s a weekday, things are very quiet here. I have my doors and windows open, yet the only sound I hear are birds chirping and my patio fountain’s gurgles. I’ve spent the better part of the morning doing edits on my new novel, which has reached 65,000 words in length, and isn’t close to ending.

trackI don’t see much air movement outdoors, which means I should be  able to ride my bike for exercise today. I have not ridden in nearly two weeks because the weather’s been quite windy, so I’m hopeful I can ride fourteen miles today, on my usual course.

Two friends will visit my home tonight. I have known both for many years. We’ll drink a few beers while discussing the fate of the world. Then we’ll visit a nearby restaurant for dinner. These guys are like brothers to me; I can tell them anything and they won’t judge me. That’s my definition of friendship.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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