Hot guys going shirtless; another beautiful winter day on the island ….

shirtless #5Hi, friends and readers:

You know, certain guys are meant to walk around shirtless. It’s such a shame to cover up all that smooth flesh and those rippling muscles, right?

I really like both photos I have posted here this morning. The photo on top I came across just the other day. I find it special because of the lighting, the expression on the young man’s face, and the colors surrounding him, which only serve to flatter his appearance.

The second photo is one I posted long ago, on my now-dead blog. It was immensely popular with readers, but I lost it when my blog was “deactivated” by WordPress for being “too commercial.” I assumed I’d never see the photo again, but yesterday I found it again. I realize it’s a black and white, but that only makes the viewer focus more intently on the young man himself. I love the happy expression on his face.

shirtless #1We are having an incredible winter this year, in central Florida. Each day, the sun shines, and the temperature climbs to around 75 degrees F. Okay, we’ve had a bit of wind, but not too much. This kind of weather is perfect for outdoor activities like walking the beach, fishing, golfing, and boating. Our winter tourists are having the time of their lives this year, and our hotels and restaurants are packed. Everywhere I go, people are smiling and laughing, like the young man  in the black and white photo. How come I haven’t seen him on the beach this winter?

I have a busy afternoon ahead. I’ll travel into the city for a workout and lap-swimming at the YMCA. Then I’ll take a lesson from my golf guru, Jeff. I’m not sure what I’ll do this evening, but watching sunset will definitely be in the mix. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone


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