Sexy little video: a tatted-up cutie gets poked ….

porked #3Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not a huge fan of tattoos. They’re so permanent, and so many are not tasteful at all. I think the guy in tonight’s video post would look better without his tats, and he could bag those earrings, too. But that’s just my view. In any case, he’s pretty cute, and there’s little doubt what’s going on the video, now is there? He certainly seems to be enjoying himself. I wonder what the other guy looks like?

I had a great golf lesson today, after my YMCA workout. My golf teacher’s amazing, and he’s such a nice guy. We worked on my swing and my pitching, and right away he saw what I was doing wrong. I always feel so good after a lesson, like I might become a decent golfer one day.

I’m home alone tonight, ready to dine on leftovers from last night’s restaurant meal. (They always give me too much food, but that’s okay. Now I don’t have to cook tonight. Goody!) I have work to do tonight: editing a friend’s physics paper, and a story of my own, so my evening’s going to be a busy one.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.


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