A sexy guy with a gym bag; productive day for Martin ….

gym bagHi, friends and readers:

This morning’s gym-themed photos were quite the hit, so I thought you guys would enjoy the photo at left. He sure makes that gym bag look special, doesn’t he? Aye-yi-yi, I had a crush on a guy who looked like him, when I was in college.

Peter, where are you now?

My day was quite productive. Of course, I devoted the morning to writing. This afternoon, I (1) cleaned my bathroom; (2) washed my bed linens and made my bed; (3) edited twelve pages of my German friend’s physics paper; (4) visited the bank, booze market, and drug store; and (5) submitted a story to a literary magazine.

Yeah, I took a shower, too. How’s that for a productive day? Now, I’ve just finished playing my guitar for an hour. I’ve uncapped a cold beer, and I’m having a friend over for dinner in a bit. No one can call me lazy.

Have a nice Thursday night, everyone.

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