Nice little video clip: two Asian boys snuggling ….

asian boyfriendsHi, friends and readers:

Someone recently wrote me, asking why I never post photos of Asian men on this website. This person said, “What’s the mattter? Do you not find Asian guys attractive?”

Are you kidding? I love Asian men. They’re so cute. They have beautiful skin and hair, and I love their dark eyes. They also tend to be graceful in their physical movements, and gentle in their dealings with others.

I used to travel to San Francisco on business, all the time. I’d always visit a bar on Polk Street, where Asian men who found Anglo men attractive would gather, dozens of them. A few times, I got lucky. My experiences with these guys were memorable. So, when I came across tonight’s video clip, I thought, Yeah, you’ve got to post it, Martin. 

I hope everyone likes the video as much as I do.

My afternoon went fine. I did well at the golf course, and my YMCA visit was good. In about twenty minutes, I’ll attend our neighborhood’s monthly “porch party”, where everyone brings food and drink and we all get to catch up on things. The party’s a block from here, so I don’t even need to drive. Lucky me.

Have a nice Friday night, all.

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