Hot guys in Speedos; Martin’s working his tail off today ….

pink speedoHi, friends and readers:

In my opinion, nothing flatters a young man’s physique like a Speedo swimsuit. Alas, one rarely sees young men in Speedos in the U.S., not even on a tropical island like mine. Guys in the U.S. are too modest and, dare I say, ashamed of their bodies. So, they wear baggy board-shorts instead.

If you want to see guys in Speedos, you’ll have to visit Australia or  Europe, where they are as common as flip-flops. Or, you’ll have to attend a swim meet in your area, where Speedos are required swimwear.

diver green speedoI rose early this morning, to take my three-mile beach walk. The weather was cool, but sunny, and I enjoyed my walk immensely. After I breakfasted, I got to work formatting the novel I’m sending to a published who requested it. That consumed my morning.

This afternoon, I spent two hours performing the remaining edits on my German friend’s physics paper, a 40-page discussion of his experiments with a class of chemical compounds called “surfactants.”

I wont say I found the paper too interesting, science was never my thing. But the job is done and I know my friend in Berlin appreciates my efforts. We must do these things for our friends, right?

Now, I’m about to embark on a little yard work. Outside, it’s beautiful: sunny, about 74 degrees, and still. How could winter be any better? Have a nice Saturday, friends.

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