Sexy Logan Lerman. Do you think he has a boyfriend?

logan lerman colorHi, friends and readers:

Logan Lerman is so cute. I still have not seen any of his films, other than Hoot, and I think he only about fourteen when that film was made. He certainly has grown up since then. Aye-yi-yi. Do you think he has a boyfriend? If not, why not?

Actually, on a reader’s recommendation, I rented Meet Bill from Netflix, another Logan Lerman film, but when the DVD arrived it had a crack in it. Grrrrr. They’re sending me another copy.

It’s been a pleasant day for me, nothing too strenuous. My YMCA workout and lap-swimming went well, and my visit to the driving range went well. The weather today is stellar, about 78 degrees F and sunny. What a winter day ….

logan lerman b & w #2Now, I’m home and ready for a relaxing evening. I may dine out with two friends, since I don’t feel like cooking tonight, and I also don’t feel like spending the entire evening alone.

A guy named Dave from Michigan wrote me about this morning’s photo post, the one with the skinny-dipping prep school boys. Dave said this:

“I remember my grandfather telling me how men at the YMCA always swam naked in the pool when he was a young man. He said nobody thought anything about it. Can you imagine guys today doing something like that? Everybody’s far too modest about their bodies, in this day and time, which is kind of weird because I thought we were supposed to be more liberal and loose than our grandparents’ generation. Not always, it seems.”

Thanks for writing, Dave. And you’re right. A lot of the younger guys who visit the YMCA I belong to are extremely modest about undressing in the locker room. Some actually go in a toilet stall to change into their gym gear. How weird is that? Me? I don’t care if someone wants to look at me when I shower or change. Be my guest.

Have a nice Monday evening, friends.

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