Martin’s back in Gainesville, among the college boys ….

college boy #3Hi, friends and readers:

After I left the YMCA yesterday afternoon, I hit the Interstate Highway: I drove 2-1/2 hours northward to Gainesville, to visit my beautiful boyfriend for a long weekend. We had a great evening: getting intimate (Oh, yeah …), having a few drinks, cooking a nice meal, and taking an evening walk in his neighborhood, afterward.

After dark, this part of town is quiet as an empty church. The neighborhood’s full of towering oak trees and pines; it’s like walking through a park, really. We hit the bed fairly early, as my boyfriend has to work today, and he needed his rest.

This morning, after my boyfriend left for work, I took my usual three-mile walk through the University of Florida campus, where I attended undergraduate school four years, a long, long time ago. The morning was chilly and overcast. Half-way through my walk, a heavy rain fell, and I had to stand under a classroom building’s entrance until the rain let up.

college boy #5I always enjoy my walks through campus, and I didn’t let the rain and chilly temperatures dampen my spirits one bit. How could I feel blue when I was surrounded by hundreds of sleepy-eyed college boys making their way to class?

There are so many uber-hot guys at UF. Often I’ll encounter members of the baseball and swim teams returning to their dorm after eating breakfast at the athletic dining hall. Aye-yi-yi, you’ve never seen such beautiful young men. Maybe I should re-enroll at UF, maybe study a new major? What do you think?

I’m done with my writing for the day. I had planned to visit a local golf course, to hit balls on the driving range, and then practice on the putting green. But this rainy weather may put the  kibosh on that idea. It’s okay. My boyfriend’s apartment is comfortable, there’s plenty of food in the fridge, and I can always take another walk around campus this afternoon, right? He-he-he ….

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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