One more round of college boys; Martin’s off to St. Augustine ….

college boy #1Hi, friends and readers:

I rose around eight this morning, beside my beautiful boyfriend. Alas, he had to leave for work, so we didn’t have much time for snuggling. That’s okay, we’ll have time for that during the upcoming weekend.

I took my one-hour walk through campus instead, and what a beautiful morning it was outside. Of course, the temperature was kind of chilly, probably around forty-five degrees F, but I dressed warmly. The sun shone and the breeze was minimal, so my walk was a pleasure. I passed scores of sleep-eyed students who made their way across campus to class. There are so many hot guys attending school here. In their honor, I thought I’d post photos of two more college hotties. Do you like them as much as I do?

college boy #2I’m done writing for the day. My work-in-progress, a 70,000-word novel, is about to draw to a close. It’s been a seven-month project, quite an undertaking, and when the first draft is complete, I’ll let it sit for a month before a begin revisions. In the meantime, I’ll work on a short-fiction anthology of stories I’ve written about bi-sexual boys. The stories are already written; they only need tweaked to fit together as a cohesive book.

This afternoon, when my boyfriend gets home, we’ll load up the Element, then drive to St. Augustine, on Florida’s east coast, to spend the weekend there. Despite the fact I’m a Florida native, I have never visited St. Augustine. It’s our nation’s oldest city, founded by the Spaniards in the Sixteenth Century, and I’m looking forward to seeing the sights. We have a nice hotel suite, located within walking distance of the historic district, so we can see everything on foot.

I’ll post from St. Augustine tomorrow. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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