One last Valentine’s Day post; Martin’s back in Gainesville tonight ….

valentines day #5Hi, friends and readers:

No, I didn’t forget you this morning, but we had to pack and then hit the road to shop for a golf club before hitting the links a little past noon.

The weather in North Florida today was cold. I mean, all the golfers and the course staff were bundled up. The sun shone; that was good. But a chilly breeze blew pretty much all afternoon. We really enjoyed ourselves, just the same. What a great way to end our weekend. Our time in St. Augustine was enjoyable; I think we saw all the sights there were to see, and our BBQ dinner last night was really good.

It was nice, having Valentine’s Day fall on a Thursday, so we could turn it into a sort of four-day weekend, although my boyfriend had to work Thursday and Friday, at least we spent four nights together, a real treat.

Now, we’re back in Gainesville, to spend a quiet Sunday evening at my boyfriend’s place. Tomorrow morning, he’ll go to work, and I’ll drive south to my little island. Wherever you are, I hope you had a great weekend.

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