Hot boys in the kitchen; beautiful Tuesday on the island ….

french friesHi, friends and readers:

It’s important every boy learns his way around the kitchen. After all, the day will come when he goes off to college, or moves out to his own place, and he’d better know how to cook himself a meal. Wouldn’t you agree?

While we’re on the subject, I thought I’d post a couple of my favorite “guys in the kitchen” photos for your enjoyment. Are those french fries the boy at left is preparing?

I’m guessing he’s at his fishing camp, as I believe those are bunk beds in the background, and the cookware definitely has that “castoffs from the kitchen at home” look to it. I had a fishing camp in the wilds of coastal Florida for nearly thirty years; I know the look. I mean, do you have a cast iron skillet in your kitchen? Nah, of course not. But you’d likely have one at camp, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

kitchen boy #4Here’s another “kitchen boy” photo, this one in black and white. The guy’s pretty hot, I think. I like those skimpy briefs, and I like the look on his face even more. See how the room’s only source of illumination is sunlight entering through the window over the sink? It’s a very special photo.

It’s a beautiful Tuesday, here on the island. Our cold weather has departed. Outside, the temperature’s already seventy degrees F, and the sun is shining. I have my doors and windows open again, and my patio fountain is gurgling away. I’ve just finished my writing for the morning, and soon I’ll prepare lunch. I have a dental appointment in the city, and a trip to the supermarket’s in order, as well. So, I’ll have a busy afternoon. Wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining, and you’re enjoying your Tuesday.

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