A pair of sexy videos; Martin’s a road warrior today ….

lose the shirtHi, friends and readers:

Every once in a while I’ll come across a video clip I find interesting, and the two I’ve posted here today are, I think, pretty sexy in their own way. Do you agree?

I’m back form my morning walk on the beach; it’s beautiful down there today: cool, sunny, and quite still. The Gulf was smooth as a mirror. It all made for a nice experience, but my peace of mind will be short-lived.

In about an hour, I’ll climb into the Element to drive 65 miles inland, to visit a loved on who lives in an ALF. This involves driving through downtown Tampa, and then facing the insanity of I-4, one of the worst stretches of road in the state of Florida. People dirve like idiots on I-4. How did they ever earn their licenses?

showing offOh, well, we do these things for our loved ones, right? I’ll plug my i-Pod into my stereo system and try to remain calm while the kamikazes tailgate, speed and swerve.  I ought to be nominated for sainthood, you know.

This road trip will consume the better part of my day. At this time of year, our winter visitors clog the highways, so a trip that normally takes one hour and fifteen minutes will take close to two hours, each way. Okay, it’s still better than going to work at a job, but I so much rather stay on my little island and write

(Okay, I’ll quit griping.)

Have a nice Thursday, friends, wherever you might be. Wish me luck on the road.

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