A shirtless twinky; cute little video ….

braces and umbroHi, friends and readers:

I posted this video clip maybe a year ago; it was a big hit. The boy’s so cute, and I’ve always wondered what he was saying on the video, but I am no lip reader.

I suspect he’s saying something like, “I’m really too skinny, but I’ll beef up later, you’ll see.”

I’ve had a great afternoon. On the way home from the golf course, I gassed up the Element, so I can get out of here tomorrow morning without delay.  A friend’s riding with me, which is nice, so I won’t be riding 2-1/2 hours by myself. He’s good company, so the trip will go quickly. Then I’ll get to see my lovely boyfriend. What could be better.

Right now, I need to pack clothes and toiletries. I always take my guitar, my golf clubs, and my laptop; there’s so much stuff to remember, so I’d best get busy. Wherever you are right now, I hope you’ll have a nice Friday evening. And, get rid of your shirt, pronto …..

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