More shirtless guys; Martin’s hitting the road again ….

backpack #4Hi, friends and readers:

It’s “Shirtless Guys Weekend”, here on my website, and this morning I am posting two favorite photos I know you’ll enjoy.

The photo on top, I suspect, was taken on a college campus, on a late spring day. I like the young man’s unruly hair and the way sunlight reflects in it. I like his Star Wars undies, too. In a way, he reminds me of a guy I dated for about six months, when I attended law school. Randy, where are you now?

I’m up uber early for me. It’s just now seven A.M. This is because my traveling companion, who’s an habitual early-riser, insist we need to hit the road at eight A.M., so here I am, bleary-eyed, preparing to load up my Element with all the necessaries for a long weekend in Gainesville: suitcase, guitar, laptop computer, golf clubs, and so forth. It’s okay, in a few hours, I’ll be with my boyfriend, lucky me.

abs #7Of course, this means I won’t take my usual three-mile walk on the beach this morning, but I’ll make up for it this afternoon; I’ll take an hour-long walk through the University of Florida campus.

This being Saturday, and the weather being unseasonably warm, I suspect I’ll see a few undergraduate lads, walking about with their shirts off. And doesn’t that sound interesting? Okay, time’s-a-wasting, as they say, so I will close this post and get busy. Have a great Saturday, everyone.

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