Another round of shirtless guys; damp day in Gainesville ….

shirtless #12Hi, friends and readers:

Did you think I’d forgotten you today? Did you think  I would not post new “Shirtless Guys Weekend” photos?

Nonsense, I’ve just been busy today. It’s already five P.M. and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and post for you.

The UF/Arkansas game was exciting. The Gators won handily, but for a while the game was close. We had great seats, right next to the pep band, which was fun. Those kids have so much energy; it’s infectious.

It’s a damp, on-an-off-again, rainy day in Gainesville. But I got my walk in this morning, around campus. And we attended a UF baseball game this afternoon. The campus stadium’s a beauty, and we had good seats. Sadly the Gators lost, but that’s okay.

shirtless #7Now, we’re home, and ready for a nice evening together without interruptions. We’ll put together a tasty dinner of leftovers, and maybe we’ll have time for a bit of bedroom gymnastics. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

When I took my walk through campus this morning, hardly anyone was about. I didn’t mind. Things were so quiet and peaceful, lending me time to think about all the good things in my life and what a lucky person I am. Plus, I so enjoy all the beautiful trees and flowers on campus, especially the blooming azaleas and dogwoods. The dogwoods have no leaves right now, but they are covered in tiny white blooms. The blooms look like confetti, scattered all over the trees. North Florida’s a beautiful place to be at this time of year.

Oh, yeah: the baseball park was full of handsome young men. You’d have enjoyed the sights, I know. But sadly, none of the guys took their shirts off. I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with the photos I’ve posted here. Not bad, eh?

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.



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