A sexy guy peels off his friend’s briefs; quiet night on the island ….

briefs coming offHi, friends and readers:

There’s something really sexy about taking a guy’s briefs off, especially if he’s asleep and does not know you’re doing it. The whole experience is deliciously wicked, in a way. Would you agree? I find tonight’s video post quite arousing. Look at those butt cheeks.

It’s been a rather boring day for me. I only left the house to water plants on my patio. When I get a head cold, only one thing works for me: rest. If I try to push myself physically, I only make things worse. So, I did crossword puzzles. I read the paper, and then a section of the novel I’m reading, Rabbit At Rest, a John Updike novel that is part of a series. I edited a story for an upcoming anthology, and talked on the phone with family and friends.

Exciting stuff, eh?

I’ll spend a quiet evening at home, and then I’ll hit the bed at an early hour. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday night.

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