A pair of sexy hunks; Martin’s still in recovery ….

naked and pretty #3Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes, you guys misunderstand me. Yeah, I like willowy young men, but I also enjoy a bit of muscle in the bedroom. Have a look at the guys in tonight’s photo posts. Wold you pass up a night with either of them?

Of course you wouldn’t, and neither would I. Aye-yi-yi, look at all those rippling muscles. All sorts of ideas come to mind, know what I mean?

I’ve pretty much been housebound today, due to this head cold I am battling. I mean, I really hate getting sick because it limits my physical activities, but I have to remind myself it’s been over a year since I had a cold, so I shouldn’t bitch.

I spent the entire day working on writing projects, including a new, short-story anthology I will publish through CreatSpace, the Amazon publishing house. This particular book will contain four stories about men who “swing both ways”, bisexual men who are not afraid to explore their gay sides.

Have a look at the guy to the left. Pretty hot, eh? I like his stubble, his dark eyes, and that hairy belly button. I’ll bet his butt is mucho beefy and firm. Yummy ….

It’s a pretty night, here on the island. I’m sipping from a cold beer, and listening to my patio fountain gurgle. In a little while, I will head into the kitchen to prepare a dinner for myself: baked chicken and a fruit salad. Nothing too fancy, but I am tired, and don’t feel like getting too ambitious in the food department.

Thanks to everyone who has written to wish me a speedy recovery from my cold. Honestly, guys, I am fine. I just like to whine because it’s so rare I am sick. I am fine, and this confinement has enabled me to get a lot done in the writing department. I’m turning lemons into lemonade, know what I mean?

Have a nice Thursday night, everyone. I hope it’s warm where you are. If not, you cna always curl up with a Delacroix story.

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