A pair of cute videos; Martin’s stir-crazy ….

soccer teamHi, friends and readers:

I love this little video clip. Most of the soccer team  members appear to be Asian, but someone (#18) clearly finds the blond boy (#12) a tempting target for a “feel-up.”

Hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying, now can you?

It’s been a somewhat boring day for me today, due to this ongoing head cold that has quickly become a major annoyance in my life. Okay, I got a lot of work done in the writing department today, but now I am going stir-crazy. Plus, I don’t have much energy; it’s not like me. Usually I have too much energy.

lover boys poolHere’s another video I find very funny. It looks to me like the host of the pool party is not happy about his two male guests sucking face in front of everyone. (“Stop it, guys. I mean it.”) That kid at the other end of the pool doesn’t seem to get the whole thing, either. Well, that’s gay men for you. They’re always horny, and sometimes they can’t help themselves.

This will be a quiet evening for me. I’m hoping by tomorrow morning my cold will subside, and then I’ll return to normal activities. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll have a fun Friday evening. The weekend’s here, friends.

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