Hot guys in the locker room; blustery day on the island ….

locker room #3Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something very sexy about locker rooms, the sights and smells. All that male flesh wandering about. The steaming showers. Ahhh, the good old days ….

I’ve been working my buns off, getting my new anthology ready for publication. This morning, I submitted the book and cover to CreateSpace, Amazon’s publishing house, and they’ll get back to me with any suggestions for improvement. The folks at CreateSpace are easy to work with, and they tend to be less restrictive about content.

locker room #2It’s a cold and blustery day, here on the island. A steady wind is gusting off the Gulf of Mexico, making outdoor activities too unpleasant. I managed to take a walk yesterday afternoon, but now it’s too windy and cold to do even that.

The good news is, my boyfriend’s visiting me today. He can only stay one night, due to work constraints, but at least we’ll have our Sunday together.

My head cold’s almost gone, thank God. It seemed to last forever, and it’s limited what I could do for almost a week. I can’t wait to get out on the golf course, and I’ve missed my YMCA workouts terribly. I’m just not mean tot be a sedentary person, I guess.

I’ve had heavy traffic on this site all weekend. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, and have a nice Sunday, friends.

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