Sexy cyclists in Spandex; pretty night on the island ….

cyclist #4Hi, friends and readers:

Spandex cycling outfits aren’t for everyone. I mean, if you are forty pounds overweight, you shouldn’t wear Spandex. But guys like the two in tonight’s photo posts certainly do Spandex justice, don’t they? Aye-yi-yi ….

I have a nice Trek hybrid bike I ride for exercise all the time, but I stick to a t-shirt and shorts when I ride. No Spandex for Martin. Sadly, the past month has been so windy I haven’t had many chances to ride. To me, wind turns cycling into work, and who wants to work when they’re trying to enjoy a bit of exercise?

Our weather turned very nice this afternoon. I visited the golf course to hit balls at the driving range, and the place was packed. The day was sunny, about 65 degrees F, with only a light breeze. Afterward, I came home and planted new flowers in all the pots on my patio. What a great way to spend a few hours during winter.

cyclist #2Okay, check out the guy to the left. I know it’s a professional shot; he might not even be a cyclist, but that’s okay. The Spandex fits him beautifully, don’t you think? I’ve actually never seen that particular garment on someone before; I think it’s a triathlon suit but I’m not sure. Does anyone know? Does anyone have his phone number?

It’s a little past five PM, here on the island. The sun’s still shining, the breeze has died, and it’s so pleasant outdoors I may walk down to the shore to watch sunset in an hour or so. I’ll spend the evening by myself, and that’s okay. I have plenty to do in the writing and correspondence department, so I surely won’t be bored. Also, my boyfriend bought me a new turntable for my stereo,  a really nice one, for Valentine’s Day. We hooked it up last night, and now I can play all my vinyl I haven’t been able to listen to for months, since my old turntable died. Woo-hoo!

Wherever you may be today, I hope you’ll enjoy your Monday evening

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