Guys and water, always a nice combination ….

raftingHi, friends and readers:

Young men always seem drawn to a body of water, be it a lake, a river, a pond, or the ocean. The clothes come off, and then the guys seem to relax. They soak up sun and splash about; it’s always fun to watch them.

The guy at left is clearly rafting on a river out West, probably in Colorado, Utah or Arizona. Wouldn’t it be nice to join him?

It’s been another lackluster day for me, as I continue to suffer from “the head cold that will never die.” I did manage to take a two-mile walk this afternoon, along the Intracoastal Waterway, since the wind blew too hard at the Gulf shore. I also visited the booze market, here on the island, to re-stock my wine supply.

naked in a pondMy boyfriend had to work late today, so he won’t be driving down here until tomorrow morning, which is okay. I doubt I’ll stay up too late this evening; I need my rest.

am going to prepare a decent meal for myself tonight: a pasta casserole and a salad. I’ve kind of been grazing the past several days, feeling too listless to cook. But not tonight.

Outside, the sun is sinking low in the west, and the air temperature’s dropping. I think I’ll skip watching sunset tonight; the wind’s still blowing to hard down at the beach. Have a great Friday night, everyone.

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