Sexy Alan Carey; Martin’s still not well ….

alan carey #6Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not really into fashion models. Their photos always look contrived and too “perfect.” But Alan Carey, who you see at left, always looks relaxed and natural in his photos. What a beautiful guy. I don’t know much about Alan, and I’ve often wondered whether he’s vain, or if he’s unaffected. Does anyone know him?

It’s a perfect winter day, here on the island: sunny, cool, and still. I love this time of year in central Florida. No wonder so many people visit here in March. Already, Spring Breakers are filling our hotels and roaming the beach, along with folks form Canada and the Upper Midwest.

alan carey #1Here’s another photo of Alan, an early shot, probably taken when he was first breaking into modeling. Why do they always photograph guys on rooftops at these modeling agencies? I guess the lighting’s good up there? Alan enhances the look of those red bricks behind him, doesn’t he?

I still have not shaken my head cold. I slept in late again this morning, and I am feeling better, but I’m in no shape to visit the YMCA today, or to do anything else strenuous. I’ll take a walk later on, and maybe visit the golf course to hit some balls on the driving range,

The weekend’s here, and my boyfriend will visit from Gainesville. Depending on his work schedule today, he’ll either drive down this afternoon, or tomorrow morning. I hoping for the former, of course. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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