Another pair of Alan Carey photos; Martin’s on the mend ….

alan carey #2Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday’s Alan Carey photos were a huge hit, so I thought I’d share two more. To my knowledge, the photo at left is the only nude shot Alan’s ever posed for. Does anyone know of others? He is such a hot guy ….

Well, I got my butt out of bed this morning before ten o’clock. My head cold finally seems to be subsiding, now that I’ve taken things easy for a few days. That’s a good thing because my boyfriend’s arriving in about an hour, and I want to enjoy our weekend together without me coughing and sneezing.

Outside, it’s sunny but cool, probably around 70 degrees F. The only problem is, the damned wind continues to blow from the northwest, making things a tad unpleasant on our unprotected island.

alan carey #3Here’s the second Alan Carey photo, another shot in front of a brick wall. Again, I think this may have been taken when Alan was first seeking work as a model. He looks pretty young here, and the photo is not professional quality, but Alan sure looks good, doesn’t he?

Thanks to those of you who’ve written about my new anthology, I’m Bi Myself, which is now on the market, available exclusively through Amazon. I’m really curious to see how well the book sells. I think a lot of folks are curious about bisexual men and the private lives they lead, so I suspect I’ll do okay with this particular anthology.

Alright, I need to straighten up the house before my boyfriend gets here, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Saturday. I hope the sun is shining, wherever you are.

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