Hot guys going shirtless; Spring Break’s underway ….

shirtless #7Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys simply should not wear shirts, not if they look like the young men in tonight’s photo posts. Aye-yi-yi. I mean, seriously, if the guy to the left were your boyfriend, would ever let him wear a shirt around the house? Of course you wouldn’t.

(“Okay, Matt, we’re home. Lose the shirt, and lose it now.)

Speaking of shirtless …. My boyfriend and I took a long walk on the beach this afternoon, and the shore was packed with Spring Breakers in their board shorts. The Break is now in full swing, and the sights are so … tasty.

It’s been a nice day for us. We watched a Gator basketball on the love seat. We ate a nice lunch, and then took our walk on the beach. Of course, we spent some time getting intimate, as well. Yummy.

shirtless #5Tonight, friends in the city will host a dinner party for about eight or ten guys. These are always fun gatherings, with lots of wine and lots of laughs. Our friends are fine cooks, and I know the meal will be delicious. What a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

Oh, what do you think of the young man to the left? He has that “wholesome jock” look I find very appealing. Judging from his physique, I’m guessing he’s a wrestler, probably from the Midwest. Can you picture yourself across the Thanksgiving table from him?

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend bought me a new turntable, a really nice one, and ever since, I’ve listened to nothing but vinyl from my extensive collection.

Right now, we’re listening to the double album recorded by Chicago, back in 1970. It’s a classic jazz/rock fusion work and, in it’s day, quite revolutionary. The songs still sound great. And because I took care of my records, they have very few hisses and pops.

Okay, everyone: have a wonderful Saturday night.



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